Last month, Security Officer Zachery Black was assigned to the Amtrak post located in Downtown Oklahoma City when an individual who claimed to be waiting on a passenger began to mount the train ladder on Locomotive 17 as it started to depart. SO Black immediately notified the conductors to stop the train.

The train was stopped and in the meantime the trespasser climbed on top of the train. SO Black was unable to convince the trespasser to climb down but did not escalate the situation. Oklahoma City Police Department was called, followed by the Oklahoma City Fire Department who coaxed the trespasser off the train. The trespasser was arrested and taken to jail. Due to Mr. Black’s vigilance and composure at his post, the situation was handled in a peaceful manner.

Mr. Black was praised by the Amtrak lead Conductor as well as the Oklahoma City Police Officers on scene. This demonstrates the Superior Security Standard that the company has become known for. Well done, SO Black!