Mobile Patrol Services

Dedicated To Protecting Your Organization

Superior Security and Investigations’ mobile patrol service is a proactive service dedicated to protecting your organization. We do not wait to respond; our trained patrol officers are vigilant and reliable to patrol your business, or neighborhood, in marked vehicles to prevent, detect and deter vandalism, theft, or safety related incidents. Dedicated patrol officers are assigned to a concentrated geographic market servicing several permanent customers. The dedicated patrol officer will service multiple clients during a specified schedule, providing several random patrols and emergency response to ensure a safe and secure environment. Sharing security resources will provide a cost efficient solution for any size business to meet their security needs.

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for employees, customers, and visitors.
  • Safeguarding cash transactions.
  • Prevention and detection of theft, vandalism, or safety related incidents during periods of vulnerability.
  • Officer escorts of employees to ensure their safety as needed.
  • Quick, consistent, and reliable response to emergencies, alarms, and incidents.
  • Verifiable inspections through accurate and detailed reporting – Cloud-based Workforce Management Program.
  • Thorough inspections of building, property, and critical areas.
  • Report operational inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, or safety concerns.
Mobile Patrols
  • Ability to reduce your risk and liability exposure.
  • Proactive patrols to help prevent problems before they occur.
  • Work in tandem with local law enforcement to resolve problems.
  • Additional personalized services based on customers’ needs.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your employees and property are protected.
  • Safety and Security Escorts
  • Lock and Unlock: This service includes random patrol checks, activating and deactivating of alarms, interior and exterior inspections of your location.

Alarmed Response Services:

If your alarm system is triggered, a quick response by a professionally trained patrol officer is critical.Superior Security and Investigations mobile patrol officers are trained to proactively respond to your emergency in a timely and professional manner. 

In the event that your alarm system is triggered, a Superior Security and Investigations Mobile Patrol Officer will be dispatched to your facility to investigate the alarm.  If necessary, local law enforcement, emergency management services, or maintenance personnel will be contacted. Superior Security and Investigations Mobile patrol officers are trained to effectively handle these types of situations and to take the best course of action.