Superior’s team at the Port Isabel Detention Center in Los Fresnos, TX, has aced two extremely comprehensive 2017 ICE audits, proving that they not only meet the performance standards required, they set those standards.

All ICE Service Processing Centers are required to be annually audited under the Performance Based National Detention Standards and reaccredited tri-annually under the American Correctional Association (ACA). These audits ensure compliance with nationally recognized standards and define policies and procedures necessary for the operation of correctional programs that safeguard life, health and safety of the personnel who work in juvenile and adult facilities and programs, as well as the offenders who are a part of the correctional system.

In February, the PIDC team received a rating of “Outstanding” with no deficiencies, which is the highest rating possible. Approximately 4 months later, in June, they underwent the tri-annual ACA audit and received a score of 100% on 28 mandatory standards. There are over 300 non-mandatory standards that are required to be met at 90%, and 237 of those standards were applicable to PIDC. Of those 237 non-mandatory standards, PIDC scored 100%.

PIDC is the first facility to receive an overall score of 100% under ACA. Our crew did an incredible job of ACA file maintenance, management of the audit process and liaison between ICE management, contract management, and ACA audit staff. Their job knowledge, professionalism, and attitudes about their jobs were commended by the auditors and ICE.

It is our privilege to extend warmest congratulations to our award winning team at PIDC!