Cloud Based Workforce Management and Reporting Technology Integration

Mobile Resource Management solutions that use GPS and wireless technology to manage employees at various locations, assets, and activities in the field.

Paperless Integration

We have the ability to convert paper forms into electronic forms which can be deployed instantly from our wireless device to the field. With the form designer you can also create customized site specific forms. With paper records, each time a document is used, there is a risk that it may be misfiled making it substantially harder to find in the future. Not to mention the amount of space taken up with traditional storage methods and the associated costs.

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Reduce Errors

Drop down lists, check boxes and automatic calculations allow our employees, to quickly capture information. With decision logic, the forms can are designed to guide employees through a defined workflow.

Immediate Information

Real-time cloud based information that is captured instantly and is readily available within the application moments after being captured. Dashboard copies of completed site specific forms are sent directly to our business partners’ realtime dashboard, ensuring transparency and accountability.

How We Report

We use smartphones and tables with quick and simple drop-down reporting menus to streamline reporting, maximize on-site visibility, and reduce your risk and liability. Instead of traditional handwritten DARS, our officers are provided with varied reporting options that enable them to report easily throughout their shift.

  • Issue types can be completely customized and worded for your industry and specific property.
  • At your choosing, any issues or incidents reported can trigger a notification to the necessary parties (i.e. managers, maintenance supervisors or teams, and issue-specific vendors).
  • All issues are prioritized based on the scope of service at each property and according to your needs.

Guard Tour Checkpoints

When a checkpoint is scanned, four things happen:

  • Instructions are shown to the officer specific to that location.
  • A pre-written note in risk and liability terms is entered into all reports including the Daily Activity Report (DAR).
  • A GPS pinpoint is taken to track the officers location at the time of the scan.
  • The officer is required to include a photo with the checkpoint to verify their location (optional).

Analyze Data

Visualize key performance indicators by utilizing your client specific dashboard. With custom-made forms, reports and graphs, which will enable our business partners to view and understand information relevant to the current performance and history of our service and workforce.

Data Portability

Once in electronic format, it becomes possible to securely access documents from remote locations. This opens up the possibility to telecommute. Electronic documents also make it easy to share documents between different locations ensuring business continuity.

Data Security

Paper based documents are susceptible to fire, water, theft and other damage. With robust offsite backup procedures and locations your data will be secured and readily available.